About the function of softener paste and precautions for its use

About the function of softener paste and precautions for its use

Many people don't understand the function of softener paste and what should be paid attention to when using it. Let us learn together below.

softener paste

The role of softener paste:
(1) Add suppleness and keep beautiful. The fabric softener can form a cationic protective film on the surface of the clothes fiber, straighten the fibers, lubricate the surface of the clothes, make the clothes soft and soft, and restore natural elasticity.
(2) Prevent static electricity. Clothes will become static when rubbed against each other, and will attract each other when worn in a dry environment. The fabric softener can reduce fiber friction while softening the clothes and avoid static electricity.

(3) Long stay fragrance. During the washing process, the active ingredients in the fabric softener make the fragrance molecules penetrate deep into the fabric fibers. Therefore, your clothes will always emit a pleasant fragrance during the washing, ironing, and wearing process.

(4) Prevent wrinkles. After the clothes are washed and worn many times, the fibers of the clothes are worn out, which increases the wrinkles of the clothes. The fabric softener can form a protective film on the surface of the clothing fibers, protect the fibers from damage, and act as a lubricant, effectively reducing the wrinkles of the fabric due to mutual friction during the washing process.

(5) Easy ironing. The fabric softener can make the surface of the fabric smoother, and the iron will slide more freely during ironing, saving time and ease when ironing.

How to use softener paste:

Machine wash: Before washing, pour the fabric softener into the "softener paste injection port". If there is no softener injection port, dilute the softener evenly with clean water before the last rinsing procedure, pour it into the machine, and then follow the normal rinsing procedure.

Hand wash: In the last rinsing, dilute the softener paste with clean water in the washbasin and stir it evenly, then put the washed clothes in it and soak for 3 to 5 minutes, turn it over properly to make it absorb evenly, and then take it out Just let it dry.