Introduction to the knowledge of softener paste

Introduction to the knowledge of softener paste

Many people will soak with softener paste after washing their clothes. This is because the clothes soaked with softener paste are more close-fitting and more comfortable to wear. It also has a very fragrant smell and has a good care effect on clothes. It can avoid dry and hard clothes after washing, and maintain a fluffy, soft and relatively natural state. So how to use laundry softener?

Softener paste is a finishing agent that is often used after washing clothes. It is made of cationic surfactant as the main raw material. After washing, the surface of the fiber can be soft, smooth, antistatic, and not easy to stain.

The role of fabric softener

1. Improve the state of the fiber, so that the fiber deforms after wearing or washing, and maintains a fluffy, soft, and relatively natural state.

2. Reduce the friction coefficient between the fibers, make the relative movement between the fibers freely, and improve the feel of the fabric.

3. After the fiber absorbs the softener, the fabric can properly improve the water repellency.