Introduction to the role of disperse agent

Introduction to the role of disperse agent

The role of the disperse agent is to use the time and energy required for the dispersion process of the wetting and dispersing agent to stabilize the dispersed dispersion, modify the surface properties of the pigment particles, and adjust the mobility of the pigment particles. The specific performance is in the following aspects. :

1. Improve the mask, increase the leveling effect, and take the service shell to solve the damage of the paint surface to the light. When the particles shine, 1/2, the light and ultraviolet rays will no longer increase, and the physical coverage provides the main shielding power according to the line of sight. The hiding power will not increase. Note: The light range is the streamer of visible light. It is hard to say; but pay attention to the large reduction of particles to reduce the adhesion of the structure, but the increase in the specific surface area will increase the number of free resins. It is not good whether there is a balance point, but generally Paint leveling is not detailed.

2. Prevent floating color and blooming.

3. Increasing the network speed is not obvious in the automatic selection system.

4. Reduce viscosity and increase loading capacity.

5. This is the way to reduce flocculation, but the finer the particle surface capacity, a strong and highly dispersant is required, but a highly strong dispersant that is too strong may cause disadvantages to the performance of the coating film.

6. The actual reasons and reasons for increasing the storage stability are the stabilizing strength of the dispersant and the poor storage stability.

7. Increase color development, increase pigmentation, increase discoloration or hiding power.

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