Fluorescent Whitening Agent WF-9021

Diphenyl ethylene derivatives
Features and Advantages Application
  • High whiteness.
  • Low dosage.
  • Strong fluorescence.
  • No macular and uneven color.
Whitening and brightening of polyester and
its blended fabrics, or whitening of acetic
acid fibers.



Diphenyl ethylene derivatives
Fluorescent Whitening Agent
Fluorescent Whitening Agent

Technical Index

Item Standard
Appearance Pale yellow dispersions
Ionic Nonionic
Ultraviolet Absorption (E10g/L1cm ) 120-140

Features and Advantages

It is an excellent fluorescent whitening agent for polyester fibers. It has the characteristics of high whiteness, low dosage, strong fluorescence, pure and bright color, and does not produce macular and uneven color. 


It is suitable for whitening and brightening of polyester and its blended fabrics, and also for whitening of acetic acid fibers. 


1. Pad dyeing and hot melting: 1.5-4g/L 

The technological process is as follows: two immersion and two rolling (Pick-up 70%), 

Pre-baking (100℃), baking (180-210℃, 20-30s).

Note: Alkali residues on fabrics must be washed after pretreatment.

2. Dip-dyeing method: 

Dosage 0.15-0.4% (o.w.f), Bath ratio 1:10-30, Dyeing temperature: 100-135℃ 

Insulation time 30-60 minutes, PH 6-12 

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.


1. Shake well and weigh accurately before use.            

2. After whitening with alkali bath, it is necessary to wash the residual alkali on the fabric.            

3. After low temperature dyeing by dipping method, the target color can be displayed only after high temperature setting at 180℃. The higher the dipping temperature is, the higher the whiteness is.


5KG Plastic Drums, 4 Drums per Carton, or other packing on request. Sealed and light-proof storage.