Hydrophilicity Silicone Oil with Cold Sensation WF-8499N

Polyether block silicone emulsion
Features and Advantages Application
  • Good hydrophilic effect and good thermal stability.
  • Soft and smooth effect, with obvious cold silk feeling.
  • Low yellowing.        
  • No APEO.
Hydrophilic ice-smooth finishing of pure cotton,
lycra and mercerized cotton.


Polyether block silicone emulsion 
Hydrophilicity Silicone Oil

Hydrophilicity Silicone Oil
Technical Index

Item Standard
Appearance Yellowish transparent liquid
Solid Content, % 60-62
PH Value (1% water solution) 6.0-7.0
Ionic Weak Cationic


Features and Advantages

1. Good hydrophilic effect, good thermal stability, shear resistance, can be used in vat.            

2. Soft and smooth feeling, with obvious cold silk feeling.            

3. Very low yellow stain.            

4. No APEO. 


It is suitable for hydrophilic ice-smooth finishing of pure cotton, lycra and mercerized cotton. 


1.Dip-rolling process: 

The dosage is 60-80g/L.            

2.Impregnation process: 

Dosage 0.5-1% (o.w.f).            

Users are requested to adjust the dosage through the sample as appropriate.


120KG Plastic Drum or other packing on request.

Sealed and light-proof storage.