The role of softener agent and its production requirements

The role of softener agent and its production requirements

In order to make the fabric soft, smooth or plump, in addition to mechanical finishing, most fabrics must be finished with softener agent. Let us learn more about softener agent below.

softener agent

The role of softener agent:

1. Supplement the natural oils lost by natural fibers in scouring and bleaching processes, making the hand feel more ideal.

2. Attach to natural fiber or synthetic fiber to improve smoothness and strength, and improve hand feeling.

3. Improve the wearability of the fabric through some characteristics of the softener.

softener agent requirements:

1. Under various soft processing conditions, the working fluid should be very stable.

2. Does not reduce the whiteness and color fastness of fibers or fabrics.

3. The softened fiber or fabric is not easy to be discolored by heat, and there should be no changes in color, feel, or odor during storage.

4. If the softener agent is emulsion, its emulsion stability is better.

5. According to different processing requirements, it can have appropriate water absorption or water repellency, anti-static properties and other properties (should be selected according to the different requirements of the fabric). It is resistant to washing or dry cleaning.

6. There is no adverse effect after human skin contact.