Uses and characteristics of fluorescent whitening agent

Uses and characteristics of fluorescent whitening agent

Many people don't know about optical brighteners, let's take a look together.

The purpose of fluorescent whitening agent: detergent, washing powder (liquid), for whitening clothes; used for whitening various textile fabrics. You can think of bed sheets, curtains, non-woven fabrics, etc. used at home; paper whitening. Various office papers, some household papers; some cosmetics (hair conditioner, eye makeup). The use of fluorescent agent is so wide, there are everywhere around you and me, so how safe is it?

ffluorescent whitening agent

The safety of fluorescent whitening agent:

Synthetic fluorescent agents may be toxic to fish and animals and will accumulate in their bodies. According to the European Ecolabeling Council’s 2011 report on laundry detergent standards, “As fluorescent whitening agents undergo photodegradation, many unidentified metabolites may be produced, which means that we may not know the true potential impact on the environment. "

At present, it is believed that the fluorescent agent is still safe for the human body.

The book "Fluorescent Brighteners" compiled by Professor Shen Yongjia and others pointed out that fluorescent brighteners will not be absorbed by the skin. Even though the fluorescent whitening agent CBS may have a small amount of adhesion to the skin during use, it will not react with human skin, and it can be easily washed off through daily washing activities (such as washing hands, bathing, etc.). Will be absorbed through the skin.

The article "The Toxicological Properties of Fluorescent Brighteners" published in the 1994 "German Dermatology" magazine pointed out that even if the textile material containing fluorescent brighteners directly contact the wound, it will not cause adverse wound healing. Affect, and will not cause pathological changes to human skin. However, it is not ruled out that a small number of individuals may experience contact dermatitis when exposed to certain fluorescent whitening agents. Especially for products that directly contact the human body, fluorescent agents should be avoided as much as possible, such as skin care products, facial tissues, sanitary napkins, etc., try to choose some big brands, and generally do not add fluorescent agents.